Another Very Special Afternoon

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We can call this game Horny afternoon 2. Once again this afternoon, Wendy stays like a good girl with her nanny. Like a good girl? Well, that is likely to quickly become another very special afternoon?

How to play? Look walkthrough:

1. Wait until Wendy goes to the bath.
2. Touch her breast, keep her hand on it until indicator will be mostly filled.
3. Massage her pussy.
4. Take the shampoo.
5. Click on Wendy's belyy, she will put the shampoo on it.
6. Click the right hand, she will massage her belly, fill the indicator.
7. Touch her pussy, Wendy will begin to masturbate.
8. Check out for nanny, click on hand with shampoo before she arrives.
9. Nanny begins to brush Wendy's hair.
10. Click on Wendy's right leg, fill the indicator, touch her pussy.
11. Click on robe belt. After that Wendy will ask her nanny to show her breasts.
12. Click on nanny's breast, she will show her beauties.
13. Touch nanny's left breast and the right, fill the indicator.
14. Touch Wendy's pussy and after that take nanny's hand. Some talk.
15. Touch nanny's pussy (through the skirt), Wendy's breast, nanny's tit, fill indicator.
16. Take nanny's hand.
17. Upss.... Somebody is comming, click on nanny's shirt and Wendy's robe.
18. The young man arrives, he begins to fix something. Wendy stays with him.
19. Click on boy's ass, fill the indicator.
20. Click on Wendy's robe, massage her pussy.
21. Click on boy's penis, fill the indicator.
22. Take off the shorts. Touch Wendy's head
23. Now it's time to make love.
24. Kiss Wendy's neck, touch her breast, touch pussy, fill the indicator.
25. Take his penis, touch her pussy, keep indicator.
26. Again click on penis, watch the scene. Congratulations... YOU WIN...

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