Secret Dreams 2

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Horny Gamer

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Wendy is sunbathing next to the pool when the gardener brings some relaxing herbal tea. Wendy falls asleep and gets awaken by her friend Chloe, all the way by the Red Sea.

How to play? Look walkthrough:

1. Take the mirror.
2. Take a look of Wendy's boob, touch the nipple.
3. Take a look on pussy, a little massage.
4. Click on mirror again, Wendy will put it on the table.
5. Put Wendy's hand under the panties until the indicator fills up.
6. New gardener Tarak brings Wendy a tea, and she falls asleap.
7. Wendy awakes somethere else, but not at home. Wendy's friend Cloe is here.
8. Girls are abducted, but they are not afraid. They need some relax.
9. Take a kiss. Massage Wendy's boobs and pussy. Wendy feels excited.
10. Take a kiss again and put Wendy's hand on Cloe's boob while kissing.
11. Kiss again, Cloe's boob and Wendy's pussy.
12. Tarak's mans do not let girls to escape, but Cloe have an idea. She will try body language.
13. Work with Cloe's hands, take cocks out.
14. Make oral for everyone in circle. Keep indicator warm.
15. Wendy will continue. Take Wendy's clothes off.
16. Sit on bodyguard. Take his hand on Wendy's boob, after that put cock in Wendy's pussy.
17. Another bodyguards joins.
18. Tarak's sister Aisha comes. She will try to wash Wendy.
19. Wash Wendy. Tummy, boob, pussy, leg and pussy at one time.
20. Wendy needs to shave her pussy. Shave it.
21. Wash Wendy. Now Cloe's action from back while Aisha washes Wendy's leg. Kiss Aisha's butt.
22. Aisha kisses Wendy's boob, while washing her.
23. Tarak has came. Aisha leaves.
24. Wendy kisses Tarak.
25. Tarak touches Wendy's butt. Cloe does the same for herself.
25. Tarak touches Wendy's boob. Cloe does the same for herself.
26. Tarak touches Wendy's pussy (Click on Tarak's hand). Cloe does the same for herself.
27. Wendy takes out Tarak's cock and they start make love.
28. Wendy offers Cloe to join them. Take them both.
29. And here comes nanny.... Wendy... wake up...

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