Desire and Submission 3

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Sharks Lagoon

Game description

Florian has left the castle for a business trip in Japan. While he's away, Alancy and Li-Ann have fun with eachother, and even drag the staff girl into their lesbian games.


Scene 1: Breakfast in Malfort
    Look behind the curtains;
    Let Li-Ann kiss Alancy, click on Alancy's lips;
    Put hand on Alancy's left shoulder ant make move down;
    Touch the breast, fill indicator;
    Touch the nipple;
    Click on Li-Ann face and move down to Alancy's nipple;
    Click on Alancy's dress and move dress up with Li-Ann hand;
    Click on Li-Ann to lick Alancy's pussy;
    Move Alancy's leg (near knee);
    Move Li-Ann head further;
    Maid brings breakfast;
    Maid serves the breakfast naked;
    Let Li-Ann to take a cookie;
    Put it in the pussy;
    Alancy tastes the cookie;
    Touch maid's pussy; fill the indicator;
    Take the next cookie, and slide it in the pussy;
    Give it to Alancy;
    Take an orange;
    Insert it in maid's pussy with small pieces;
    Tight the legs to make juice; fill the indicator;
    Keep the hands on the knees and bend down to lick the juice;
    After all action do not forget maid's panties or you will have bad ending;
    Take them from the flour.

Scene 2.1: Ride in countryside (horse)
    Go to the white horse and take the cream;
    Play with pussy: one finger; two fingers; feel the indicator;
    Put more fingers in to Li-Ann pussy;
    Click on Li-Ann face and put all hand in pussy. Orgasm;
    Li-Ann rides out and takes Alancy's clothes with her.

Scene 2.2: Ride in countryside (stable)
    Alancy meets two farmers;
    Put farmer's hands on shoulder, cheek and breast;
    Other farmer's hand on butt;
    Take Alancy's hand from tits;
    Touch the tits; fill the indicator;
    Put her hand on farmers penis;
    Other farms touches the pussy;
    Li-Ann comes and helps Alancy;
    Alancy must pay the price for the jacket;
    Oral action, click and move Alancy when her eyes look at penis;
    Change farmers one by one up to orgasm;
    Alancy have the Jacket and can return home;
    Find Alancy clothing, while Martin didn't see her (it is near Li-ann horse), or you will have bad ending.

Scene 3: Evening downtown (town)
    Take off Alancy's panties and show her pussy to the cars
    Avoid the police (white cars); fill the indicator;
    Go to the bar;
    Spread the legs in front of guys;
    Unfasten top button;
    Spread the legs once more; fill the indicator;
    Click on left shoulder and show Alancy's tits;
    Lick finger and touch her nipple, fill the indicator; touch the pussy;
    Move panties to show pussy;
    One guy comes to talk with Alancy;
    Girls join the table;
    Touch Alancy's butt, pussy;
    Move Allancy's hand on guy pants;
    Ask Li-Ann permission;
    Enjoy the orgy, find and click all actions.

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